Originally founded in 2004, officially registered in 2007 and developed into CHIDOO Holdings Group in 2012, then honored be promoted to countrywide no region-based holding group by SAIC in 2016. The company is located in KEQIAO, the largest textile market in Asia. With the spirit of “meeting with internationalization, striving for excellence”, Chidoo has set a image significance in the industry just over ten years.


Textile section is the main business of Chidoo Holdings, also one of the core industry. It is the only group that only produce suede fabric professionally in the industry, since its inception, Chidoo is still focus on this one fabric. To make its main industrial chain better and stronger, Chidoo Holdings does not only establish technical center, and its subsidiaries also import automotive assembly and equipment of chemical fiber, textile, printing and dyeing, wrinkle and bonding from Italy, the United States, South Korea, Japan and other countries, so as to guarantee its high efficient production capacity and product quality with international level. With its international level factory and equipment, and the advantage of integrated with R&D, production, trade and service, Chidoo has won the domestic and foreign clients popularity and trust....



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